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購買 正價貨品 滿HKD500即享標準運送(優惠/減價貨品不包括在內)

香港 - 到店自取 - 免運費
  • 於收到「訂單可取貨」電郵後,即可到店取貨
  • 請注意門市開放時間(IG:@sillyegg.vintage)
  • 取貨時請攜帶確認電子郵件
香港 - 順豐速運 - 運費到付
  • 滿$500免運費
  • 不足$500的訂單 運費會在取件時收取
  • 順豐站/服務中心/智能櫃/OK/7-11/辦公室/住宅
  • 必須在地址欄上清楚填寫取貨點碼&方法
  • 例如:H852FG94P 智能櫃
  • 例如:852TAL 順豐站
  • 順豐運費/點碼可到此查看:

  • 注意:請清楚填寫收貨地址/自取方法及收件人姓名及電話號碼
  • 由我們列印寄貨標籤起 系統會自動更新訂單的順豐單號
  • 並不代表訂單已發貨 請以送貨狀態/已發貨電郵為準
  • 順豐收件後系統會自動發送「已發貨」電郵
  • 送貨約需1-4日
    澳門 - 順豐 速運
    • 滿$500免運費
    • 不足$500的訂單 運費會在取件時收取
    • 住宅/門市自取
    • 送貨需約3-5日
    • 順豐運費/自取點可到此查看:
    台灣 - 順豐 速運
    • 滿NT$2500免運費
    • 不足NT$2500的訂單 運費會在取件時收取
    • 送貨需約3-14日
    • 順豐運費可到此查看:


    Shipping method:
    Free shipping on orders over $500 in Hong Kong and Macau
    Free shipping on orders over NT$2500 in Taiwan
    Hong Kong - Pick Up at Store
    • Your order would be ready after receiving Order ready for pickup email
    • Please refer to Store opening hours(IG: @sillyegg.vintage)
    • Bring your confirmation email when picking up your order
      Hong Kong - SF Express
      • Free shipping over $500
      • Shipping fee of orders less than $500 will be charged at the time of pickup
      • SF Station/Service Center/Smart Cabinet/OK/7-11/Office/Residential
      • The pick-up point code & method must be clearly filled in the "address"
      • For example: H852FG94P  Smart cabinet
      • For example: 852TAL SF station
      • SF Express Shipping/Point Code can be viewed here:
      • Note: Please clearly fill in the delivery address/pick-up method and the recipient’s name and phone number
      • After we print the shipping label, the system will automatically update the SF Express tracking number of the order
      • It does not mean that the order has been shipped. Please refer to the delivery status/shipped email.
      • The system will automatically send a "shipped" email after SF receives the parcel
      • Delivery takes about 1-4 days
        Macau-SF Express
        • Free shipping over $500
        • Shipping fee of orders less than $500 will be charged at the time of pickup
        • Residential/store self-collection
        • Delivery takes about 3-5 days
        • SF Express Shipping/Pickup Point can be viewed here:
        Taiwan-SF Express
        • Free shipping over NT$2500
        • Shipping fee of orders less than NT$2500 will be charged at the time of pickup
        • Delivery takes about 3-14 days
        • SF Express shipping can be viewed here: